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From relationship anxiety
recovery to globally sold out retreats ~
Lasting Intimacy & Pleasure Expert Rosie teaches you to be unshakeably secure, playful & embodied in yourself & in your relationships.

A two day workshop to guide you to connect through the 5 bodies of ​intimacy creating deeper pleasure, connection play & security.

Saturday 15th 12-3pm
& Sunday 16th July 4-6pm





Two Day Taster into Tantra - A journey through the 5 bodies of intimacy

This shamanic journey will take you to deeper intimacy, connecting with all five bodies - the energetic, emotional, mental, physical & bliss bodies.


If you've ever wanted to know more about Tantra and how to apply it to your daily life, relationships and business, this is for you.


-Do you find yourself ruminating on decisions?


-Not knowing whether something is a gut feeling, fear led, or guided by the heart?


-Do you self abandon in the name of life’s chaos, drama and demands?


In this 2 day workshop you will gain clarity on how to tap into every part of your life. How to be with you through all of life’s games.


Through pain, fear and frustration to joy, pleasure and love.


You will find true embodied connection, the kind that breaks you open but then fills you with ecstatic joy.


Yoga teaches us presence. Tantric Yoga teaches us to find the ritual and play in our presence.


Day 1 - Creating space for your desired reality

In this first Day we will be shifting stuck emotion, letting go of old outdated stories and beliefs (that keep us repeating the same patterns internally & externally), going to the edges of our discomfort to create space to reveal our true self. We will be playing with the nervous system to shift through safe stress and bring ourselves back into a space of self regulation. 


- Move through old stuck emotions with an emotional release ceremony

- Getting into conversation with the body - the horse & jockey exercise

- Journalling through your inner child healing

- Shadow Hunting (meeting your shadow)

- Mini yoga flow & free movement



Day 2 - Expanding your inner universe to embody your true self

Day 2 is all about exploring the edges of our new self, diving into practices that re-wire our subconscious mind to feel more empowered, and to fully understand what a yes and a no feel like in our bodies. After day 2 you will feel the emergence of your new self, someone who courageously steps into their desires unapologetically.


- Meeting your new archetypes

- How to make decisions from this new dynamic (the four centres)

- Understand boundaries & consent fully with the wheel of consent (and stop people pleasing)

- Start building on your desires with exploratory direction in how you like to be touched 

- Changing your story with the Drama Triangle Exercise 

- Mini yoga flow & free movement

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