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  1. Get outside before 2pm to get some sunlight, if you can go to a park with lots of trees and stand barefoot amongst the soil - I always struggle with this one until I actually force myself, and feel miles better for it afterwards. We are nature…we need to start living like we are part of the natural world as well as the material.

  2. Take a cold shower for 15 seconds or longer if you’re brave enough - ok so I know this one doesn’t sound appealing as the days get colder, but cold water stimulates the vagus nerve which is responsible for bringing information of the inner organs, such as gut, liver, heart, and lungs to the brain - it helps release more of that feel good sensation called serotonin!

  3. Move - As the mornings and evenings get darker it’s progressively harder to get out of bed, but guess what you don’t have to do your exercise in the morning - what about a 30 min class at lunch? Mix up the times and movement - when we feel stuck and our energy is low, it’s time to change things up to give our mind and body renewal, keeping it exciting and clearing any blockages that are stuck.

  4. Dry brushing - Ever heard of it? I can’t get enough of it now - simply order yourself a natural bristle brush and do it in the morning before showering -it helps by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. It also stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward.

  5. Meditate - This one I bang on about all the time and it will never not be in my list. Taking time to sit and pause from your busy external world is essential for your mental health. But let’s re-frame it, have you ever thought about why else you should meditate? Who you should meditate for? Since starting, I have become a much better girlfriend and friend - I am more present in conversations and respond in a much more pleasing way to the people around me. No one likes an angry overworked stress head, so meditate for them, not just you.

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I’m now a qualified Nutritional therapist, I start a new job at Optibac probiotics tomorrow, I’m moving to Bristol next month, I have my own car finally. Rosie’s sessions helped me to manifest all of this and honestly I can’t believe whats happening- thank you ❤️


I came into this experience so out of touch with myself and feeling the most anxious and confused I’ve been in years. I was able to work through so much of my internal turmoil through this retreat and have gained a whole new level of self- understanding. I can’t wait to go out into the world with these new tools and share them with the people I love