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Updated: Mar 8, 2019

You are not your emotions. You are the glimpse in between them.

You know when everything’s going so amazingly, you feel like a superhero. Your ego is inflated (arguably as well as your soul) but it’s like nothing’s an effort. Days and months go by and you’re just floating around like a lil care bare on a cloud ☁️ 🐻💖 Climbing those big stairs? Getting up early? Piece of cake. Music sounds euphoric, nothing can wipe the smile from your face. Then suddenly BAM 💥Out of nowhere, drops the ultimate low, the huge crash of a wave, the obstacle you’ve now got to get over. The stairs become heavy, the rain becomes a storm, your ego is deflated and even the things you usually enjoy irritate you.

This is the thing about life. It will take you off guard. The positive as well as the negative.

Something great happened at the end of last year which took me completely off guard, several beautiful dreamy experiences followed and I don’t remember any negativity. Of course this is not true there must have been some, but when something big happens that isn’t what you expected and it has a negative effect, you lose all perspective on all the great things that happened previously and ARE still happening. Your mind is blurred with negative stories, it’s creating a false sense of self. You feel like you’re losing yourself and losing your self worth, you’ve forgotten who you were and are.

But then suddenly you’re everything you need to be, and you’re still figuring it out. Was that insanely happy excited person the previous months who you actually are? No. When you can find peace within yourself in any given situation, those glimpses of faith and contentment is where who you are starts to be truly seen. Not extreme happiness, not depleting sadness but a glimpse into the fully conscious. It won’t take you off guard but it will be clear, that’s not to say you don’t find out a hell of a lot in moments of pure joy and heart wrenching blues, but that within the space between the two, with no anxieties of fear you start to know what you already know and unravel who you already are 👁

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