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S E L F P R A C T I C E ❣️

As I start moving on the mat, feeling into any discomfort, mind and body, gently softening, opening areas that are stuck, my breath starts deepening.

I can feel the skin around my belly stretching. Each movement takes me deeper into a state of meditation, where my only focus is the breath. But that focus suddenly brings about a connection, a sense of awareness, defined not by anything but simply that exact moment. The journey begins. Inwards. The magic of this practice starts to heal, ground and energise all at the same time. Agni builds, sweat drips, I feel confident, at ease and at one with all. The focus is now so intense. Profound. As I lay there in Savasana, a dream like state but oh so sweetly conscious. Seated, I feel free, calm, clear, mellow, merciful. And that’s when I know. I’m one step closer.

To truly observe what we already know and keep discovering who we already are

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I’m now a qualified Nutritional therapist, I start a new job at Optibac probiotics tomorrow, I’m moving to Bristol next month, I have my own car finally. Rosie’s sessions helped me to manifest all of this and honestly I can’t believe whats happening- thank you ❤️


I came into this experience so out of touch with myself and feeling the most anxious and confused I’ve been in years. I was able to work through so much of my internal turmoil through this retreat and have gained a whole new level of self- understanding. I can’t wait to go out into the world with these new tools and share them with the people I love