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22nd October 2022

Join Rosie & Laura in a full day of embodiment practices that will help you transition through the changes into Autumn.


 If you've been feeling the strong pull of change churning up inside you, as we begin to shift into a new cycle this retreat is for you. Autumn brings with it a sense of turning inwards, re-aligning our truths and renewing our practices to align with our the ever changing of our bodies. 


 If you're feeling out of alignment, stuck, anxious and in need of grounding, this retreat will create nourishing space to fill up your cup and find peaceful clarity.

Located in the magical setting of Cookham, the Pavillion on the green is a real haven surrounded by nature and secluded for privacy. You will learn to work with the wisdom of your body, to live intuitively by the natural rhythms and cycles; connecting deeper to your emotions, body, breath and womb.


This sacred container is calling you.


To understand your moods and tap into your creative portal by working with the energy centres of the body, the breath and awareness you will awaken the goddess that lives within.


This safe space is here to enrich your life and to learn take home tools that you can use daily for the rest of your life.

Learn how to work with the natural rhythms & cycles of nature to mimmic the changes happening deep within the nature of your being.

The Day Retreat Experience:
   • Heart led yoga, meditation & breath work
   • Rhythms & cycles discovery
   • Intimacy embodiment rituals
   • Delicious & nourishing lunch
   • Complimentary goodie bag
   • Female Energy
   • Healing nature settings

  • Ecstatic dance

  • Food and body freedom

  • Daily tools to take home with you

  • Connect with other souls

Rosie & Laura teach from a place of pure love and passion, both embodying these practices as rituals that help create the beauty in this human vessel and beyond.

Embrace the changes without and within.

About the Guides

Since recovering from anorexia Laura Phelan Therapeutic coach & speaker helps women find freedom in food, their bodies and their lives, learning to be unapologetically themselves and stepping into the woman they were born to be, through 1:1 coaching, group programmes, retreats and workshops!


Meet Laura

Meet Rosie

Rosie is an intimacy coach, mindset mentor, yoga teacher and cycle alignment coach. Having dived into the world of self development for over 13 years, Rosie takes you on a journey to return back home to yourself. From her own experience of dealing with fear, anxiety and mistrust, she now guides others to heal those vulnerable parts; to unleash their divine power; and radiate boundless luminous confidence from the inside out. Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. Unlearning old conditioning and re-learning the love that has always been there.

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