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The deeper the journey,
the bigger the shifts

Are you ready to meet your truest, highest, most authentic self?

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so over the 3 months we will be creating a sacred container where we will be looking at what habits and patterns are keeping you from living out your true expression in your relationships and on this earth. We'll set big intentions for ourselves, this programme is not about staying small but embracing ALL of us, integrating our light AND our shadow, getting fully intimate, stepping into our YES and our NO.


Your life can be more pleasurable, you can feel more alive and KNOW what you desire and how to ask for it.

This container is for the person who wants bespoke 1-1 support, getting the exact nurturing you desire, the woman who is ready to ELEVATE to the next level.

Blending Ancient Wisdom with Yoga Philosophy, Chinese Medicine, Sound Therapy, Subconscious Re-patterning Techniques, ERT and Quantum Magic, we’ll delve deep into uncovering your most authentic empowered self. Say goodbye to self-doubt, you are about to embark on the journey to return back home to yourself; that place of safe, playful, pleasurable unconditional love.​

This mentorship is for you if you want to;

  • Meet and know every part of yourself

  • Communicate lovingly & intuitively with your whole body & the five centres

  • Feel safe to experience the fullness of your authenticity and emotions

  • Balance out your hormones

  • Turn pain into pleasure

  • Integrate your masculine, and feminine within

  • Dissolve shame and guilt, turning it into compassion

  • Experience more pleasure, play & freedom in every aspect of life

  • Replace shame with trust & forgiveness

  • Become a leader in communication in all relationship dynamics

  • Understand and be able to say exactly what you desire

  • Experience unfathomable pleasure

  • Have radically playful, pleasurable sex

  • Transform your beliefs

  • ​Embody unshakable boundaries ​

  • Have conscious conversations, healthy communication & understand the full wheel of consent

  • Elevate your power

  • Live by your soul’s calling​

  • Call in your soul partner/deepen your current relationship

  • Become magnetic

  • Step into the home coming of your truth ✨

What's included?

This is a bespoke container where you get help in the specific areas you desire.

  • 1-1 coaching x1 call weekly

  • 9am-5pm Telegram support Mon-Fri

  • Homeplay every week to take home, practice & embody

  • Access to online platform with meditations, practices, yoga classes, dance + exercises to guide you in between sessions

  • The pathways of luminosity, including;

    • Meditations

    • ER (emotional release techniques)

    • Tapping

    • Pranic Healing

    • Movement Therapy - Yoga, Yang, Yin, Qi Gong & Shaking

    • Ecstatic Dance

    • Menstrual Cycle Awareness

    • Inner Child Work

    • Shadow Work

    • Decision Making & Conscious Re-patterning

    • Subconscious re-patterning

    • Journalling

    • Chakra Aligning

  • Unlimited text & email support from your mentor with over 13 years experience

  • Plus each session is totally bespoke for you and your journey!

You, my divine goddess, are here to elevate. 

Don't settle for anything less  ✨

It's time to stop searching.
You're here.

I'd be honoured to support and share this journey with you. Life is too short to be anything less than you know you are capable of. It is your birthright to feel courageous, turned on, radiant, magnetic and experience undeniable pleasure.


This journey promises to take you deeper into lifting the mossy veil and illusion of comfort, to help you think big, see big and re-ignite your luminosity from the inside out. Whether you're a yoga teacher who's been rolling out their mat for years, dabbled with the idea of chakras or human design, or whether you are completely new to self development, this programme will unlock your truest self, crumble the old outdated stories of who your subconscious mind believes you are, revealing your TRUEST BADDEST AUTHENTIC SELF. Who knows what they desire and how to ask for it.

Each month we’ll focus on a different theme and within that there will be different modules consisting of a different blend of modalities. To find out more, click the link above and enquire via email. I can’t wait to get to know you!

You my love, are cosmic consciousness having a human experience for a little while. Your potential is limitless, let's break down the barriers together to reveal your power, confidence  and liberation into luminosity.

Don't waste any more time, you deserve this level of safety and confidence NOW.


Deep intimacy in your relationships, with healthy playful communication

Waking up with more confidence, energy and freedom in your body and mind than you thought physically possible

Loving the person you see in the mirror 

Seeing 5 figures in your bank account

Magnetising your desires towards you

Having unearthing pleasurable sex

Having an influx of clients flow into your biz

Feeling so confident, you speak your truth and land in it unapologetically

Finally feeling the value you long for, all from within yourself

The path back home to ourselves takes practice, time and deep deep re-patterning work. We need nurturing consistent support. If we could get there on our own we'd be there already. The best thing I have ever done is work with a coach to support me through such major transitions; through the vulnerability, fear and discomfort, joy, small and huge shifts. We are on this journey together and I will be creating a scared container for you to thrive in 🌝

The experience was profound and exactly what I didn't know I needed at the perfect time. I'm very grateful for Rosie bringing such powerful wisdom, holding safe space and and leading us through a rollercoaster, the storms into the light. Rosie guidance is powerful yet tender


Rosie is very knowledgeable, I love that she led by example and showed her vulnerabilities, not only in exercises but she told us about triggers and challenges in her life and her journey.


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