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Rosie Battimelli

Intimacy & Relationship Mentor, Healer & Yoga Coach

Guiding you to radiate self-love,, heal your attachment wounds & harbour pleasure in your relationships.

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Safe, Secure & Sensual Relationships

Are you paralysed by anxiety in your relationships?

It starts with you.


Heal your heart, while creating deep love and security in yourself,  empowering you to nurture self love and harbour pleasure in your relationships.


Healing The Anxious
Avoidant Trap

Not sure if you truly struggle with an anxious attachment style or why you keep ending up in the same dynamic or relationship cycle?

This masterclass will help you understand the attachment styles, where you fit into each dynamic, while looking to dissolve old relationship patterns and create safety & adventure in your body and life.


Transform, Elevate

1-1 Coaching


Are you ready to meet your truest highest most authentic self?


Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so over the 3 months we will be creating a sacred container where we will be looking at what habits and patterns are keeping you from living out your true expression in your relationships and on this earth.


Online Pleasure Play Portal (AAA)

Online access to full portal:

  • Yoga classes

  • Meditations

  • Workshops & Courses

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Tools & exercises to help you ground & live in your full expression.

About Rosie

Rosie Battimelli is an integrated Love, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Healer and DJ.

Cultivating soul-level love and partnership, authentic self-expression and security.

After years of mistrust, attachment wounds and undeniable pain from emotional & sexual abuse, Rosie leads others beyond fear & pain, to reclaim an open heart and body.

Leading from the heart, Rosie guides 1-1s, group sessions, workshops, masterclasses & retreats for women and couples.

Working with all 5 bodies, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Wisdom bodies, she encourages you to explore curiously what it means to be a soul living a human experience.

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My Credentials

Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Intuitive Dance & Breath Work


Intimacy & Relationship Trauma Coaching

Level 3

Pranic Healing

Level 2


Thai Massage 60hr



Shamanic, Tantric, & Trauma Release Bali



ISTA Level 1, Bali


Music Production


Steps to finding your higher power

If you're looking for additional resources to support your relationship and personal growth journey, check out the following:


Boundary Setting & Communications Skills

Relationship & Attachment Healing

Self-Care, Womb Healing & Self Love

Meditation & Mindfulness

Breath Work & Self Regulation

"I came with a broken heart and left with an open one" ​ "I love the way Rosie leads, she is very approachable and cool... Never too condescending or too 'women's circle yay sisters' vibe (thank god). She holds space for you in a way that feels super non-judgmental and loving.


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