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with Rosie Battimelli

Intimacy & Relationship Mentor, Healer & Yoga Coach

From relationship anxiety recovery to globally sold-out retreats, lasting intimacy & pleasure expert Rosie teaches you to be unshakeable-y secure, playful & embodied in yourself & in your relationships.

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Welcome, angels. I'm Rosie, multi-faceted wild woman and shakti shaker, here to liberate you in to re-claiming all your parts and ENJOY the process doing it. My healing journey and spiritual awakening began when my boyfriend of 5 years betrayed me so violently, I developed a couple of gnarly autoimmune diseases along with an unhealthy dollop of depression and anxiety.

I felt helpless without any way to relieve the suffering and move through life, trapped by this heart wrenching anxiety that I took from relationship to relationship, place to place, moment to moment.


 I struggled to sleep normally at night, due to the stress, developed chronic insomnia and everything I did in life was led from this place of deep unconscious wounding. I would get into relationships out of fear, and try to please the men I was with, which only made me hold on to the anxiety and control in my body with thicker and denser energy.


I started this journey 13 years ago to find a way to come home to myself, and the practices and concepts I share in my courses & coaching continue to carry me through my most trying times, as I know they will for you too.


If you’re ready to discover your Heart, liberate your Eros, and come home to the Truth of YOU, scroll down to explore more.


Safe, Secure & Sensual Relationships

Are you paralysed by anxiety in your relationships?

It starts with you.


Heal your heart, while creating deep love and security in yourself,  empowering you to nurture self love and harbour pleasure in your relationships.


Healing The Anxious
Avoidant Trap

Not sure if you truly struggle with an anxious attachment style or why you keep ending up in the same dynamic or relationship cycle?

This masterclass will help you understand the attachment styles, where you fit into each dynamic, while looking to dissolve old relationship patterns and create safety & adventure in your body and life.


Transform, Elevate

1-1 Coaching


Are you ready to meet your truest highest most authentic self?


Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so over the 3 months we will be creating a sacred container where we will be looking at what habits and patterns are keeping you from living out your true expression in your relationships and on this earth.


Online Pleasure Play Portal (AAA)

Online access to full portal:

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Tools & exercises to help you ground & live in your full expression.

About Rosie

Rosie is a seasoned integrated love, intimacy, and relationship coach with over 13 years of experience. With 8 years of transformative leadership, she champions collective consciousness and fosters electrifying spaces for emotional exploration.

Drawing from modalities such as Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork, Internal Family Systems, Human Design/Astrology, Sound Healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Trauma & Nervous System Re-programming, EFT, Embodied Emotional Release, Womb Healing and Pranic Energy Work, Rosie offers a tantalising blend of techniques that delve into the Mental, Physical, Emotional, Energetic, and Wisdom (Sexual) Bodies.

Through FIVE BODIES, Rosie guides individuals towards sensual liberation, empowering them to embrace pleasure in every facet of their lives, including the bedroom. Her journey with chronic health challenges and relational anxiety, including battles with Endometriosis, PMDD & IBS infuses her coaching with empathy and understanding, fostering profound transformations in lives and relationships.

Believing that overthinking stems from underfeeling, Rosie facilitates emotional awareness and healing, nurturing authentic expression and sizzling satisfaction. Alongside her expertise, Rosie also guides women in embracing cyclical living, harmonising with the natural rhythms and cycles of life for deeper connection and fulfilment.

Rosie has led spaces for over 100,000 people over the last 8 years, including 1-1 sessions, group workshops, retreats and festivals. Join her on a journey to unlock your deepest desires and embrace a life of passionate connection and boundless pleasure back to yourself.

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Steps to finding your higher power

If you're looking for additional resources to support your relationship and personal growth journey, check out the following:


Boundary Setting & Communications Skills

Relationship & Attachment Healing

Self-Care, Womb Healing & Self Love

Meditation & Mindfulness

Breath Work & Self Regulation

"I came with a broken heart and left with an open one" ​ "I love the way Rosie leads, she is very approachable and cool... Never too condescending or too 'women's circle yay sisters' vibe (thank god). She holds space for you in a way that feels super non-judgmental and loving.


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