Exciting News!

I have teamed up with the wonderful Frankie to offer you even more classes in your monthly package. Get more from your body, mind rituals; with Frankie's classes added to our monthly subscription. For just £60 a month, you get 32 classes, that's £1.80 per class + 24 yoga classes.


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Frankie is a renowned coach and self love facilitator. She has the most beautiful infectious personality which really helps with body weight training. When I started attending Frankie's classes last year, I was hooked. I used to hate cardio, but I can honestly say with Frankie, it's thrilling and enjoyable as much as it is hard. The challenge helps you feel stronger in yourself, believing that you have the capabilities to handle any situation thrown at you. She makes every class fun and exciting, with tunes to keep you pumped. You'll come away feeling stronger in both your body and mind. I realise the importance of strength training as it is not sustainable to just stretch and lengthen your muscles. To maintain a healthy body with longevity, with no aches and pains, it's imperative to include an array of movement and stillness practices and rituals into your routine.  


There are a variety of classes to choose from including upper and lower body, full body, HIIT and stretch. All Frankie's classes are included in my monthly plan, along with my yoga and meditation sessions - all for £60 a month.


Full Schedule Below




Lower Body w Frankie


HIIT w Frankie

07:00 Upper Body & Abs 
w Frankie


Sensual Luminosity Yoga

w Rosie




Playful Yoga Flow w Rosie


Instagram Live w Frankie


HIIT w Frankie


HIIT w Frankie

Once you've booked the monthly subscription, you'll get an email with all the links to the online classes. Contact for more details.