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Safe, Secure & Sensual Relationships

Healing the Anxious Avoidant Trap


An 8-week course to heal your heart, while creating deep love and security in yourself,  empowering you to nurture self-love and harbour pleasure in your relationships.

Pre-enroll rate of £888 

Imagine this:

  • Waking up excited to be in your own skin,

  • Feeling safe to make your own decisions,

  • Knowing what you want and how to ask for it

  • Feeling unstoppable security in your romantic relationships

  • Experiencing immense pleasure at the source of your own self

  • Being able to hold ALL of you and feeling the playfulness in your pain

  • Calling in aligned partners & deepening connection in your current relationships...

Having anxiety in relationships and dating is more common than we realise. The push pull love, the fear of someone leaving us or not texting back. The fear of rejection, getting abandoned or of true intimacy. ​


The good news is, you can heal this. ​


You can be free of the never ending phone checking, racing thoughts and wanting to run away. ​


So you've heard the term attachment styles flying around but you're not exactly sure how it fits into your life, but you KNOW something needs to shift in order to feel more freedom and security in yourself and partnerships.

 This course is for you if... 

  • You have been working towards relationship and self-security and want to create unshakable confidence in yourself to become a magnet for secure love in all areas of life.​

  • You get love bombed by potential partners, they go above and beyond to make you feel special then ghost you completely (usually until you give up and move on) and then return out of nowhere.

  • ​You often find yourself in relationships where you feel misunderstood, lacking clear communication and boundaries repeating the same cycles and patterns of good patches to toxic arguments and back again.

  • ​You have so much love to give and sometimes feel like it is too much, but know deep down that your huge heart and authentic self can be held if you build up your self-image.

  • You've been through a tough breakup/s and you are trying to keep your heart open but struggle to let people in.

  • ​You want to magnetise more pleasure, intimacy and an aligned partner into your life, as well as aligned opportunities, more wealth and security.

  • ​You're in a relationship but feel like there's something missing, the spark has gone, or your communication could be better.

  • ​You're ready to call in more. More love, more pleasure, more safety, more play. You want to learn the tools to enable you to create freedom. Freedom in your relationship with yourself and with your partners will trickle into freedom in wealth, self-image and all of life.


This course isn't for you if:

  • You're not willing to look at your own patterns that contribute to your current reality​

  • You're not committed to showing up for yourself in the sessions and at home during home play​

  • You actually love arguing with partners, being rejected and repeating the same relationship patterns

 Module 1 

Understanding the anxious attachment style​

- Your current reality

- Learn where the anxious attachment comes from and why people protest, blame, shout or seem controlling/needy

- Learning your attachment style and what role you play in relationships 

- Self-regulation techniques to calm your anxious mind & nervous system

 Module 2 

Understanding the avoidant attachment style

- Learn where it comes from and why people ghost, love bomb, shut down or act careless

- Learn co-regulation tools and how to communicate with an avoidant, helping you both into security

- Know the difference between someone who is not ready vs someone who is ready to step into commitment with practice

- Understand your role in the anxious-avoidant dance & how to show up for your needs and theirs

 Module 3 

Secure Embodiment Part 1

- What brings us into security?

- Learning the right communication & language

- Tapping into the amazing world of boundaries & consent which will help in all of your life's challenges to build more safety, confidence & pleasure - Inner child reparenting

 Module 4 

Secure Embodiment Part 2

- Regulation during and repair after conflict

- Know how to commit to your own needs during dating or long-term relationships

- Boundaries & Consent, learning how to ask for what you need, and know what you need communicating it from a place of love

 Module 5 

 Module 6

Radical Honesty & Commitment

Embodiment Tools for Healthy Safety & Emotional Freedom Part 1

- Relationship Check-Ins with yourself and your partners

- Desires & Needs

- Understand Masculine/Feminine Polarity and how you can unify in times of challenge and difference

- Code words and taking space in a healthy committed way

- Getting comfortable with rejection

- Prioritising your needs while allowing room to grow as a couple or for a new relationship to grow

- Forgiveness & letting go

 Module 7

Embodiment Tools for Healthy Safety & Emotional Freedom Part 2

 Module 8

Pleasure, the future & your higher self

- Tools to create peace and balance in yourself and make you more magnetic and approachable

- Shadow Hunting to uncover your subconscious patterns that run the show, creating new healthier patterns

- Dom vs Submissive understanding and how this can evolve your love and pleasure in any dynamic

- Manifesting in the perfect match who aligns with your values

- Becoming a magnet for love, pleasure, wealth & playful opportunities​

- Radiating unstoppable confidence

Bonus Modules

- Healing the betrayal wound

- How to choose peace over protest

- Breakup to Breakthrough

- Shadow archetypes and how to use them to our advantage to heal through existential kink 

- Turn pain into pleasure

I came with a broken heart and left with an open one" ​ "I love the way Rosie leads, she is very approachable and cool... Never too condescending or too 'women's circle yay sisters' vibe (thank god). She holds space for you in a way that feels super non-judgmental and loving.


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