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What I’ve come to realise over the years of self discovery, is that the teachings of yoga, tantra and shamanism were always running through my veins. In Primary School I remember learning about Buddhism and The Right Way, seeing the world through the lens of compassion and unconditional love. I couldn’t understand how war, hatred and judgment towards one another was ever going to heal the problems that stemmed from that little scared voice in our heads. That surely the only way to change our perception from a fear based mentality to faith and love was through journeying inwards and understanding the self better. The path of enlightenment always captured my attention, but I never really knew the true meaning until quite recently in life. That we are not trying to attain and reach a goal, but rather break down the many barriers of fear, greed, mistrust, anger, jealousy that we have collectively learnt, to unveil what’s always been there underneath, the constant; our true state of being, unconditional joy and love. 


Enlightenment is not something to be reached, but rather something to live by, treating each moment with presence from a place of total awareness and compassion. 


In order to do this, we must all seek the answers from within, but the journey speaks many languages, the answer is to find your language, your practice, and harness it to show your story to the rest of the world. It's important for me to discover rituals that are healing to the individual. Everyone should leave my practice with their own set of tools that they can use on their own at home to return to this joy and balance.


It took my many years to find a language that resonated with me. I spent my teenage years trying to escape the constant chatter finding any external pattern to to cling on to in the hope that it would heal my pain. I was pretty wild growing up. Every door marked ‘no’ by conventional standards seemed to hold the key to some lavish pleasure I had to have. What-ever sounded outrageous, I wanted to do. And usually I did it.


I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I went from relationship to relationship, job to job, city to city, looking for some sense of identity or purpose, some feeling that my life had finally kicked in. I knew I had talent, but I was too frantic to apply it to my own circumstances. I sank deeper and deeper into my own neurotic patterns, seeking relief in drugs, people, spending or whatever else I could find to distract myself. I was always trying to make something happen in my life, but nothing much happened, except all the drama I created around things not happening. As my pain deepened so did my interest in the teachings of mindfulness and yoga philosophy. I remember at 17 I’d experienced a painful lump in my throat that had manifested from my ongoing health anxiety that stuck around for months, but as soon as I stepped through the misty veil towards something other than self sabotage, trying out Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Breathing and other Energy Healing Exercises, the heavy pressure on my chest lifted and I knew there was something else underneath all this pain worth searching for. The search became a way of life, and each moment now beckons with hope that there is another way to live than we already have been. 


I realise more deeply than ever the responsibility which each of us has to embrace it more fully and express it effectively.


We must transform our way of thinking out of the fearful illusion we have created for millennia, unveiling the healed love that is already there; slowly walking each other back home to our whole connected selves.


Through movement, intuitive guidance, food, breath and stillness, I keep finding and learning new ways in which to grow a little deeper, unravelling the knotted string a little more, to keep returning home to the most authentic self.

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Upon leaving University, I had a sudden urge to travel, the cliche of ‘finding myself’ was definitely at the forefront of my mind, but alas that moment never came. What I did come to learn was that every single one of us had this same ‘searching’ energy that drove us to pack our bags either physically or metaphorically and embark on this journey to find something deeper than what we were currently experiencing. Along the way, I met an abundance of people from different cultures, learning of people’s pains and breakthroughs. I talked a lot, but I  also learnt to listen, and became enthused with giving people advice. I had been told many times by various friends and acquaintances that I had a gift at changing the energy in a room, creating an uplifting and safe space. I learnt various ancient tools and techniques on my trip that I still use in my practice and teachings today.


This experience allowed me to create my own self help tool box that I now share with everyone I meet who is called to the practice. After the trip I decided to stay in Australia for a year, where I really dived deep into the physical asana practice. What started off as a very powerful dynamic practice back then, has now evolved into a more energetic healing movement, focusing deeply on the mind, with playful aspects. After deciding to return home to London; and a couple more years of distraction, I developed the call to go and do my 200hr YYT in India. I’d always known that I needed to be immersed in the traditional aspects of yoga to really take it all in and learn what I needed next. Since this trip, I have ready many books, and completed further trainings in Yin Yoga, Hatha, Yogasana, Embodiment Healing and Thai Massage to name a few, among attending workshops and seminars. I started teaching on retreats in France and the UK in 2017 which gave me a better understanding of the level of stillness and compassion people need to find full rest and be able to embrace space to listen to those calls of what we need in any given moment.


This brought me to realise there were more healing components and modalities I could pick upon to treat people, than simply yoga. It takes a sweet blend of meditation, stillness, breath, herbalism, nutrition, self inquiry, yin as well as yang practices to heal the body and mind.

The Practice 

With a lighter more beautiful way of living, you'll be guided through a bespoke practice that nurtures both mind and body, instilling components that are just right for you. Mixing Yin and Yang practices, along with other ritualistic approaches, to find balancing energy; you will leave having felt into your body, learn how to focus your awareness on your breath and how to become the witnesser of the constant narrative within the mind. Learn how to let go of past trauma, be still, embrace the present moment, while leaning into fear to break through the misty veil to your true self.


Focussing on exploring ways in changing our habits to redefine the way we think and live. Specialising in fear, vulnerability, connection and relationships. Those relationships with ourselves and those around us. I'll guide you through a practice, using thought provoking dialogue throughout, adopting challenge as a way to break down the many barriers and stories we create in the mind that stop us living our most empowering life. Speaking from my own experiences, as well as passing on knowledge from the many books I have read, workshops and trainings attended.



Yoga is a tool that I use daily to focus aligning breathe with movement, to take away unnecessary stress and anxiety and to come back to the true nature of the self; unrefined, unconditional peace.


In a world of demand and chaos, we too often forget that the tools and techniques are firmly within us to calm and still the mind, to quieten the chatter and to feel the light that is there, we can be centred whenever and wherever we need. Our happiness really is in our own hands.


Come to the mat. Step in to the internal. Arrive, connect, feel, move, breathe, learn, understand, and unveil your joy. Have fun with the journey and return gracefully home.


All the love and gooey dreaminess ❤️



Yoga 250hr Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Meditation

Sampoorna Goa, India


Freelance Social Media

 For Restore Me CBD

2019 - Current

Embodiment Workshops

2019 -20

Movement & Healing Transformational Coach 

2020 Current 

Pranic Healing Energy Work


Yoga Facilitator, France Retreat

2017, 18 & 19

Yin TT 50 hr


Thai Massage 30hr


Hathta Tantra 


Shamanic, Tantric, ERT & Trauma Bali


ISTA Level 1, Bali




I’m now a qualified Nutritional therapist, I start a new job at Optibac probiotics tomorrow, I’m moving to Bristol next month, I have my own car finally. Rosie’s sessions helped me to manifest all of this and honestly I can’t believe whats happening- thank you ❤️


I came into this experience so out of touch with myself and feeling the most anxious and confused I’ve been in years. I was able to work through so much of my internal turmoil through this retreat and have gained a whole new level of self- understanding. I can’t wait to go out into the world with these new tools and share them with the people I love


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