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Trauma & nervous system informed lasting Intimacy & pleasure expert, Rosie teaches you how to hold safe, nurturing and fulfilling spaces for women, men and couples. 

A 6-week interactive course to guide you into becoming the best soul-aligned and trauma-informed space holder.

Expect to leave with more confidence in holding spaces, knowing how to support each individual and bespoke situation so you can hold space for 1, 5 or 500 people.

You will also leave having a more expanive toolbox of your own embodiment practices!

Start date: Wed April 10th 2024
9am uk
4pm Bali

A 6-week course accredited by Five Bodies & CPD

A journey through the intricacy and power of space holding

This 6-week course enables you to become a certified space holder, for 1-1's and group sessions. Understanding the delicate connection between our deeper intimacy, connecting with and learning about all our five bodies - the energetic, emotional, mental, physical & bliss bodies.

- Do you love guiding circles for your friends and want to expand your community and hold space at bigger venues?


- Do you want to be fully accredited to build trust for yourself and your community?

- Do you love deepening your awareness of the human parts and soul parts of us?

- Are you looking to guide people into deeper awareness but want to gain more clarity on what kind of coach you want to be with your unique tailored experiences?


In this 6 week course, you will gain clarity on how to skillfully hold safe space for people, getting to hold your own circle with Rosie at the end of the course.


This course consists of 4 intensive learning weeks + 2 practical weeks where you will get to experience running your own spaces with the supervision of Rosie and her team, the dates for these spaces will be confirmed during sign up and must be completed in order to gain your certification.

Week 1 - Creating Space

Creating and setting the space is arguably one of the most important parts of this important work. Without the knowledge of everyone's past it's impossible to know what might trigger someone in a specific space, but what we can do is create something that feels welcoming, invites vulnerability, and sets the tone for the space and beyond.

In week 1 we will look at:

- How to set the space

- How to welcome the space

- What to do when people leave the space


Week 2 - Self Awareness & Regulation

Self-awareness is the first step to holding space. How will you affect the people in the room? Can you regulate yourself before helping another? As a space holder, people look up to you, it's part of the role.


In week 2 we look at:

- Self-regulation and co-regulation

- Breathwork

- Nervous system ladder

- Regulating yourself and the importance of honesty/humbleness

- Your inner road map

Week 3 - The Art of Communication & Effective Listening

Communication is the fundamental shaping of any relationship. Get it right and it deepens and blossoming partnership. Get it wrong and feel like you're always at a loss. When you are in the role of a space holder, it is your responsibility to create a place where there are effective listening and interpersonal skills.


In week 3 we look at:

- How to Avoid or Minimise Miscommunication

- When not to speak

- How to communicate to better support someone

- How to deal with a crisis

- Tools to nurture a response

Week 4 - Understand everyone is unique

When talking to a group we're talking to the collective, as well as everyone's unique experience and there is no way for us to know or control how someone will take something communicated, in week 4 we look at how to talk to each person's individual story.

In week 4 we will look at:

- Dealing with the 4 main personalities

- How to respond to different reactions

- How to support someone's bespoke needs

Week 5 - Space holding for couples and large amounts of people

Holding space for couples and larger amounts of people is very different from smaller groups. Learn how and why to plan and deliver different experiences for your audience so that you can ensure it's safe and transformative.

In week 5 we will look at:

- Leading a small group VS a big group

- 1-1 Space holding

- Couples/partners in spaces together - the challenges

- Planning for a bigger audience 

Week 6 - Consent, Boundaries & Beyond

Holding space is not only about the space you're holding but about the integration and flow effect that it gives.

In week 6 we will look at:

- The wheel of consent & why it's essential to understand before holding space

- Boundaries and how to implement them and protect your and other people's

- Your unique way of holding space - what is your magic?

Is this course right for me?

This course is for you if you 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to feel confident leading spaces and be qualified.

Will I be able to hold space straight after this course?


Will I be an accredited space holder?

Yes, you'll be CPD and Five Bodies Accredited.

What if I can't make all the course dates?

Don't worry, all sessions are recorded and you get to keep them for life.

Still don't know whether this course is right for you?

Jump on a discovery call with Rosie


About the trainer


Meet Rosie, a seasoned integrated love, intimacy, and feeling coach with over 13 years of industry experience. For more than 8 years, Rosie has been passionately leading spaces, fostering environments where individuals can authentically express their emotions and thrive in their personal and relational lives.

Having held space for over 100,000 people in various settings, including 1-1 sessions, group workshops, retreats, and large festivals, Rosie is a trusted guide in facilitating transformative experiences.

Rosie's extensive training encompasses diverse modalities such as Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork, Internal Family Systems, Human Design/Astrology, Sound Healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Trauma & Nervous System Re-programming, EFT, Embodied Emotional Release, and Pranic Energy Healing. Combining professional expertise with personal insights from overcoming chronic health challenges and relational anxiety, including battles with Endometriosis & PMDD, Rosie offers a rich and holistic approach to space holding.

Join Rosie on a journey to expand collective consciousness and create safe spaces where individuals can embrace their emotions and unlock their fullest potential in life and relationships. Experience the transformative power of space holding with Rosie's facilitator training program.

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The experience was profound and exactly what I didn't know I needed at the perfect time. I'm very grateful for Rosie bringing such powerful wisdom, holding safe space and and leading us through a rollercoaster, the storms into the light. Rosie guidance is powerful yet tender


Rosie is very knowledgeable, I love that she led by example and showed her vulnerabilities, not only in exercises but she told us about triggers and challenges in her life and her journey.


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