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Lasting Intimacy & Pleasure Expert, Rosie teaches you how to
re-claim your fullest expression in your body.

A 4-week course to reclaim your expression as a pleasured, sovereign woman

Live Call Dates:
- April 30th April
- May 7th

This offering was birthed after I re-framed the time I’d put aside for someone who didn't show up, very quickly, as a new offering started pouring out of me…I guess this is what happens when you don’t close your heart while having your f**k yes and f**k no so securely in place.

So here it is… my strong AF, heart & soul aligned offering for you…



Strong Boundaries. Soft Pussy. Open Heart.

Is this you?

  • Struggle to feel the fullness of pleasure in your pussy and body?

  • Feel disconnected from your pussy?

  • Experience numbness or pain during sex?

  • Want to know how to hold deeper boundaries in your body, without the use of your mind?

  • Desire MORE for your life, more pleasure, more surrender, more open hearted discovery?

Do you want to?

  • Feel completely connected to your heart, pussy and power

  • Re-claim all the parts of you that you've unwillingly exiled

  • Bring life back into a numb or painful pussy and womb (that’s right your yoni is not meant to be painful during sex OR your menstrual cycle)

  • De-armouring your heart and breaking down barriers, replacing them with boundaries - so many of the people I work with mistake barriers for boundaries and wonder why they are meeting life with so much resistance

  • Liberate yourself from the shackles of patriarchal conditioning

  • Re-claiming your NO & YES in your heart, pussy, and self

  • Experience full body orgasms & activate your kundalini eros

We've been so discconected from our eros as females, in a world dominated by linear thinking & demonising pleasure

When you learn how to drop back into the ancient wisdom of your body, you re-claim your sacred sensuality, experiencing MORE pleasure, MORE alignment and MORE truth.

BOUNDARIES that have been firstly de-armoured around the heart are SO sexy and safe. It’s an act of kindness for yourself and them and is actually want awakens more soft surrender in the body.


x2 Live 90 Minute Embodiment Calls

x6 Pre-Recorded Embodiment Practices

Daily Practices From my Body to Yours (through the platform & telegram) for the whole month ❤️‍🔥

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to 

What happens next?

When you sign up, you'll receive an email to join the online platform where you'll be able to access to welcome video from the 11th April, you'll be sent links to the live calls & you can start moving through the videos at your own pace. You'll receive daily mini practices, with 6 longer videos to drop in.

What if I can't attend the live session?

Don't worry, there will be a replay sent straight to your inbox to enjoy in your own time - make sure you're signed up though or you won't receive it!​

What if I'm not in a relationship?

This masterclass, first and foremost, for you.

All relationships start with us and the more we can drop into our own body, the deeper we will expreince pleasure in relationships.

Want to add on a deeper experience to this masterclass? 

Jump on a 30 min personalised 1-1 breakthrough call with Rosie.

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The experience was profound and exactly what I didn't know I needed at the perfect time. I'm very grateful for Rosie bringing such powerful wisdom, holding safe space and and leading us through a rollercoaster, the storms into the light. Rosie guidance is powerful yet tender


Rosie is very knowledgeable, I love that she led by example and showed her vulnerabilities, not only in exercises but she told us about triggers and challenges in her life and her journey.


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