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Rebirth Retreat 2024

Eros & pleasure is our life force.

Life is our play.

You are the creator.

By creating space and embodying the tools that make your heart sing and soul dance, you become unstoppable; bold and limitless.


Intimacy is the way through.

Arrival Welcome Ceremony Sunday 18th May
Closing Ceremony Sunday 25th May

Join us for an evolutionary 7 days in the secluded rice fields of Bali.

I am on a mission to guide people couraegously through their own story, from ashes to REBIRTH. Become the liberated leader of your own life, it is only on the hero’s journey, you become the master of your own reality.

Embark on a transformative journey where soul and human essence intertwine, reclaiming hidden parts of yourself and awakening life's divine seduction.

What you'll leave with?

Full Bodied F**k Yeh Confidence

Levelled Up Relationships

Clear & Concise Consent & Boundaries

A Sense of Safety & Adventure in Yourself

Purpose, Clarity & Connection

Aliveness & Awakened Pleasure

Community, Sensual Liberation & Embodied Intuition

Valuable Relationship & Interpersonal Skills

Daily Yoga, Movement & Embodiment Workshops

What 's included?

7 nights stay at a beautiful secluded retreat in Bali

Daily Yoga Breath & Meditation Practices

Embodiment Workshops

Energy Healing & Tantric Initiations

Rituals, Cacao & Other Ceremonies

Shamanic Journeying

Emotional Release


Accomodation, Meals, Juices & Snacks

Integration Time

Optional Add On’s


~ Human life is where ego meets the soul ~ ​

Some of the themes you'll work with and learn; 


Higher Consciousness 
& Energy Healing

Purpose & Embodiment

  • Harness the power within your body, mind and emotions

  • Expand and harness your ability to traverse (and maintain) the different states of consciousness that bring heightened levels of awareness, vision, foresight, truth and love into your daily life.

  • Connect deeper to and live your purpose fully.

  • Illuminate and release hidden aspects of self that no longer serve and are ready to be transmuted, including absorbed conditioning, ancestral patterns and karmic imprints.

  • Create lighter energy throughout your body.

  • Clear old, unwanted thought patterns and habits that create unconscious upper limits & self sabotage.

  • Re-connect with your intuition, passion and pleasure.

  • Build the confidence and capacity to pour your love, your gifts and your authentic self into the world.

  • Be bold and purposeful with your choices.

  • Learn how to listen to your soul's intuition.

Relationship Healing

  • Learn to have more playful, light-hearted conversations and communicate healthily.

  • Learn about how you work with your attachment styles & love languages for deeper intimacy.

  • Learn tantric techniques to deepen connection & a sense of freedom for you and your lovers.

  • Call in deeper intimacy, love and eroticism in relationships (or call in a partner).

  • Learn to ask, receive and get what you want.

Shadow Work 

  • Hold space for your fears and turn them into triumphs.

  • Be able to open your heart up, tear down barriers and level up to your true desires.

  • Deeply understand your traumas, attachments and patterns and re-parent your inner child.

  • Create long-lasting connections with yourself and others.

  • Accept yourself and love yourself fully.

  • Get under control addictions and toxic patterns.

This is a retreat that will interweave many embodiment practices, deep nature connection, soul encounter, relational exploration, inner expansion, and co-creation. ​


Fusing together Yoga, Pranic healing, Tantra, play, Stillness, Breath, Herbalism, Intuitive Movement and Intimacy Coaching, this is the perfect opportunity to re-awaken your zest for life and re-invent yourself. ​


A place where you take off your armour, try on any armour you like and expose your wildest desires. ​


Sexual energy or eros is our life force, not only to be used under the sheets but a power that expels into everything you wish you feel and create.


Be penetrated by life's alluring gifts. ​


Experience intimacy like no other. With yourself, your partners, lovers, friends and the rest of the world. You'll meet that moment when you can finally see yourself and embrace your unique gifts.


Drip in pleasure, embrace shame, integrate all of you to reside in the powerful connection and pleasure of being alive. ​


Get ready to re-birth and re-invent yourself.


Day 1 - Welcome

We will arrive at our beautiful accommodation in Ubud.


Check in is from 2pm onwards. The amazing resort team will be at your service to help.


We will all come together at 5.30pm to partake in a traditional Balinese Welcome Ceremony, followed by dinner 6.30pm, where we will have time to meet the other beautiful souls that we will share this journey with.


Double Room

Last minute price- £2,222

(Early Bird price ends 1st December)

Twin Share

Early Bird Price - £1,111
After Early Bird - £2,222

(Early Bird price ends 1st December)

Your Host

Rosie Battimelli

Rosie, a seasoned integrated love, intimacy, and relationship coach with over 13 years of experience. With 8 years of transformative leadership, she champions collective consciousness and fosters electrifying spaces for emotional exploration.


Drawing from modalities such as Yoga, Meditation & Breath work, Internal Family Systems, Human Design/Astrology, Sound Healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Trauma & Nervous System Re-programming, EFT, Embodied Emotional Release, Womb Healing and Pranic Energy Work, Rosie offers a tantalising blend of techniques that delve into the Mental, Physical, Emotional, Energetic, and Wisdom (Sexual) Bodies.


Through FIVE BODIES, Rosie guides individuals towards sensual liberation, empowering them to embrace pleasure in every facet of their lives, including the bedroom. Her journey with chronic health challenges and relational anxiety, including battles with Endometriosis, PMDD & IBS infuses her coaching with empathy and understanding, fostering profound transformations in lives and relationships.


Believing that overthinking stems from under feeling, Rosie facilitates emotional awareness and healing, nurturing authentic expression and sizzling satisfaction. Alongside her expertise, Rosie also guides individuals in embracing cyclical living, harmonising with the natural rhythms of life for deeper connection and fulfilment. 


Rosie has led spaces for over 100,000 people over the last 8 years, including 1-1 sessions, group workshops, retreats and festivals. Join her on a journey to unlock your deepest desires and embrace a life of passionate connection and boundless pleasure back to yourself.


What's included?

7 nights stay in

beautiful Bali

Powerful Breath


Welcome & Closing Ceremonies

Pranic Healing

Tantric Embodiment

Intimacy Coaching

Yoga Clasees

Sound Heaing at

Pyramids of Chi


Nourishing Meals

(all meals inc)

Healing Massage or HD readings available upon request

To be completely honest I came in not expecting a lot - I thought yoga and maybe some convos that I've already had with my therapist. But I was completely blown away! This retreat made me feel magic in more ways than just one. I truly feel like I connected with myself on levels I haven't been to, and I felt supported the entire journey. Something that really really helped me was when Lina & Rosie supported me on separate occasions during a mild panic attack & told me “this is good, do not apologise” & “you are safe to express your emotions” I feel like my pain can be too large sometimes (all the time) and hearing that was incredibly cathartic & healing. I love you guys! x
I really had no idea what to expect coming in here, as ive never attended something like this before. But i am 100% so glad I did. It was definitely a challenge at the start trying to be comfortable doing the most uncomfortable things, but as the days went on, the uncomfortable became more & more comfortable as strangers became friends, and as we got cracked open to our most vulnerable states. One of the most surprisingly interesting aspects of the retreat were the conversations and beautiful moments of connections that happened during the breaks between sessions. The breaks were critical mini moments of intergration that were much needed. Each day was carefully structured and was the perfect balance of work + play so that you got the most of the retreat while also felt like you were getting a vacation as well.


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