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This 75 minute live workshop with Intimacy coach Rosie Battimelli is specifically curated to help you move through challenging transitions, get out of heartbreak understand your patterns and re-connect back to the authentic you, your purpose, confidence, clarity and evolution.


If you can relate to any of these scenarios, this is perfect for you:

  • You keep finding yourself in the same relationship dynamics and patterns that feel toxic or unaligned.

  • You fear being alone but struggle with closeness

  • You are anxiously attached, co-dependent and want more independence and security.

  • You're dating and constantly check/worry about when the person is going to text back or whether they like you.

  • You have recently broke up with someone and are struggling with the transition/detachment

  • You're in a relationship which feels like something is missing, struggle with intimacy, AND OR communication.

  • You struggle to set boundaries for yourself in all relationships.

In 75 minutes with Rosie, you will:

Date: Tuesday, November 1st 2022

Time: 6:30pm (UK time)

Where: Zoom

Can't make it to the live workshop?

Don't worry! After the workshop, a recording will be emailed to everyone who signs up so you can re-watch it in your own time.

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