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19th May 2023

Learn tools in this 75 minute live workshop with Intimacy coach Rosie Battimelli that has been specifically curated to help you move through challenging transitions, take ownership of your life, trust your vision, understand your patterns that hold you back step into the authentic you. Revealing your purpose, confidence, clarity and evolution. In all relationships in your life.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, this is perfect for you:

  • You're so frightened of change and the unknown, that you keep yourself small and stuck

  • You sit on ideas for weeks, months or even years without doing anything, captivated by fear rather than trust.

  • You fear being alone but struggle with closeness

  • You're dating and constantly check/worry about when the person is going to text back or whether they like you.

  • You have recently broke up with someone and are struggling with the transition/detachment

  • You're in a relationship which feels like something is missing, struggle with intimacy, AND OR communication.

  • You struggle to set boundaries for yourself

  • You are anxiously attached, co-dependent and want more independence and security.

  • You find it hard to open up to what you really want, in your own life, relationships, business and beyond.

  • You can't seem to let down your barriers to

  • You listen to fear and logic over your intuition and hearts desire

  • You struggle to trust in the unknown and block yourself from your intuition and your higher self

  • You want to embody full protagonist leadership in your life

In 75 minutes with Rosie, you will:

Date: Friday 19th May 2023

Time: 10:30am (UK time)

5:30pm (Bali time)

Where: Zoom

Can't make it to the live workshop?

Don't worry! After the workshop, a recording will be emailed to everyone who signs up so you can re-watch it in your own time.

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