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Retreat March 2023

19th - 26th 

Eros & pleasure is our life force.

Life is our play.

 You are the creator.

By creating space and embodying the tools that make your heart sing and soul dance, you become unstoppable; limitless.


 Intimacy is the way through.

Join us for a an evolutionary 7 days in the secluded rice fields of Bali. Immerse yourself in transformation where the human and soul dance together, revealing parts of yourself you had long forgotten, awakening the untouchable seduction of life.

~ Human life is where ego meets the soul ~


  • You will learn to harness the power within your body, mind and emotions.

  • Connect deeper to and live your purpose fully

  • Re-connect with your intuition, passion and pleasure

  • Create lighter energy throughout your body

  • Learn to have more playful, light hearted conversations and communicate healthily

  • Learn about how your work with your attachment styles & love languages for deeper intimacy

  • Learn tantric techniques to deepen connection & a sense of freedom for you and your lovers

  • Be bold and purposeful with your choices

  • Learn how to listen to you soul's intuition

  • Call in deeper intimacy, love and eroticism in relationships (or call in a partner)

  • Hold space for your fears and turn them into triumphs

  • Be able to open your heart up, tear down barriers and level up to your true desires

  • Learn to ask, receive and get what you want

  • Deeply understand your traumas, attachments and patterns and re-parent your inner child

  • Create long lasting connection with yourself and others

  • Accept yourself and love yourself fully

  • Get under control addictions and toxic patterns 


This is a retreat that will interweave many embodiment practices, deep nature connection, soul encounter, relational exploration, inner expansion, and


 Fusing together Yoga, Pranic healing, Tantra, play, Stillness, Breath, Herbalism, Intuitive Movement and Intimacy Coaching, this is the perfect opportunity to re-awaken your zest for life and re-invent yourself.

 A place where you take off your armour, try on any armour you like and expose your wildest desires.

Sexual energy or eros is our life force, not only to be used under the sheets but a power that expels into everything you wish you feel and create.


Be penetrated by life's alluring gifts.

Experience intimacy like no other. With yourself, your partners, lovers, friends and the rest of the world.


You'll meet that moment when you can finally see yourself and embrace your unique gifts.


 Drip in pleasure, embrace shame, integrate all of you to reside in the powerful connection and pleasure of being alive.

Get ready to re-birth and re-invent yourself.


7 Night Stay in Beautiful Bali

Welcome & Closing Ceremonies

Tantric Embodiment

Yoga Classes


Pranic Healing

Powerful Breath Work

Intimacy Coaching

Sound Healing at Pyramids of Chi

Nourishing Meals (all meals inc)

Mount Batur Hike & Hot Springs

Arrival Welcome Ceremony Sunday 19th March
Closing Ceremony Sunday 26th March
* Full itinerary coming soon *


The retreat will take place at the dreamy secluded rice fields of Ubud Bali. A serene spot to re-connect, retreat, indulge in tranquility, relax in hammocks and expand, allowing you to be with yourself to restore your energy in between guided sessions.


Hi, I'm Rosie


+ Special Guest 


Through many years of my own adventures, I am beyond excited to share this re-defining experience with you on healing the relationship to yourself and others.


After years of mistrust, attachment wounds and undeniable pain from emotional & sexual abuse I have moved beyond fear & pain into reclaiming an open heart and body.

We will be connecting on a soul and human level, fusing together practices that have been extremely powerful in my own journey, and those of my community. Re-inventing yourself to play the role you fully desire, awakening and becoming a deliberate co creator of your own life.


By allowing yourself the space and honouring your body, we will create safe moments of deep listening, healing and transformation, where you can finally rest in the pleasure of being alive.

Tantra, Intimacy, Energy Bodywork,  Movement, Mentoring, Breath, Play.


Together, we will not just exist, but birth a new age into your paradigm, re-birth and expose yourself to true connected alignment and intimacy.


We can't wait to meet you in Bali x



Twin Share: £1,200 (last min deal)

Private:  £1,500 (last min deal)

Price includes x7 nights accommodation, all meals, practices & coaching sessions (all above)

Not included


Flight transfers

Refund Policy

Please note that there is a no refund policy. A commitment to the spiritual journey is a deep commitment to yourself. It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to this retreat, it is no accident. If for some reason you become unable to attend, a £500 deposit will be held and the remaining credit can be used towards a future retreat.

If for any reason I have to cancel the retreat, a full refund will be issued.

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