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Master the Art of Resolving Conflict

Lasting Intimacy & Pleasure Expert, Rosie teaches you how to never argue again (unhealthily) and how to have difficult conversations.

A 2 hour masterclass on mastering the art of conflict resolution 

Expect to leave armed with wisdom to take into your relationships that will deepen the connection forever.

When? Thur March 14th 
9am Uk
5pm Bali

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Is this you?

  • Struggle to bring up important life desires, insecurities or vulnerabilities with your partner?

  • Feel disconnected for days after arguing?

  • Feel yourself getting into fights that have no constructive reward or resolution in sight?

  • Feel like you're often in a push pull love situation?

  • Are in a relationship but it's lost depth

  • Are single, dating and keep finding yourself stuck in the same recurring patterns?

  • You find yourself in argument loops at work, or with friends or family members and are fed up of the drama?

  • View conflict as dangerous or unsafe, and want to run away or sweep it under the rug?

  • Want to resolve conflict instantly because you're afraid of losing connection in the relationship, rejection or abandonment?



Do you want to?

  • Feel completely understood by your partner, friends or co workers

  • Minimise arguments that escalate and drag on

  • Be able to resolve disagreements and conflict easily, and better yet with even more connection promised afterwards

  • Feel deeply connected to yourself and partner (even amidst a difficult discussion) 

  • Get your partner to come to you with full honesty and feel safe enough to do the same

  • Master the art of difficult conversations, shut downs and big fights

  • Shape the dynamic of your romantic, and platonic experiences so that you always understand and feel understood

  • Strengthen your relational intelligence and empathy so that you embody the relationships and version of you that you admire

  • Call in relationships that want to grow together

Every problem in life is a relational problem, because you are in relationship to life itself. With the clothes you wear, the identities you create, food you eat, people you encounter, lovers you date, wounds you hate and commitments you make. It's all relational.

When you learn the mastery of relationships, you master life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is this masterclass for me?

This masterclass is for anyone who experiences relationship dyanmics and roles - which is everyone!

What if I can't attend the live session?

Don't worry, there will be a replay sent straight to your inbox to enjoy in your own time - make sure you're signed up though or you won't receive it!

Can I bring my partner to the masterclass?

Absolutely - it would be greatly invited if you are in a relationship to bring your partner along, but coming alone is also very transformative

What if I'm not in a relationship?

This masterclass is not just for romantic relationships, but relationships of ANY kind. The relationships at work, with friends, family and most importantly the one we have with ourself.

Want to add on a deeper experience to this masterclass? 

Jump on a 30 min personalised 1-1 breakthrough call with Rosie.

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The experience was profound and exactly what I didn't know I needed at the perfect time. I'm very grateful for Rosie bringing such powerful wisdom, holding safe space and and leading us through a rollercoaster, the storms into the light. Rosie guidance is powerful yet tender


Rosie is very knowledgeable, I love that she led by example and showed her vulnerabilities, not only in exercises but she told us about triggers and challenges in her life and her journey.


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