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With Rosie Battimelli

Movement & Healing 

Your potential is limitless.

I'm Rosie, an intimacy & relationship coach, energy healer and yoga teacher currently based in Bali.

I offer private transformational healing sessions, movement classes, group sessions and overall wellbeing support either online, in the comfort of your own home or at my home studio in Ubud, Bali.

1-1 Mentoring

Rosie coaching journalling.jpg

As a teacher; a coach, we are not working to create influence by getting people to think more like us; instead we are helping people to think more effectively by themselves.

Teaching a private session is an exchange, it’s like you’re walking someone home to themselves but they’re leading the way. Facilitating a space for that person to live more peacefully within their bodies. leaving them with tools to create their own sacred container of euphoric energy, freeing them from the caged conditions of the mind and pressures of  constant ‘doing’ and in turn being called to the ever present being.


Private coaching sessions are the gateway to understanding the self. If we could get there alone, we'd be there already. Healing is an ongoing journey of challenge and surrender, the ebs and flows, oscillating between the two. We all need a guide to help connect us to the universe and feel whole and one in our own bodies. My learnings have drawn from my own experience with chronic depression and anxiety where I learnt many techniques to add to my toolbox and aid growth. My teachings incorporate Meditation, Rituals, Tantra Healing, Yoga Nidra, Shadow Work, Chakra Healing, Yoga, Journalling, Reframing and Listening.


In our sessions we will work together to get to the bottom of any blockages; clearing stuck energy, creating rituals and structures to implement into your life to help you feel good, peaceful, uplifted and living in your full potential and power. You don't need to stay small, you deserve to feel good and be seen.



Honouring the body and creating space for yourself, in turn creates space and abundance in your mind. Teaching a private session feels like reshaping the doorway for someone to feel safe within their body. In my sessions we create a safe container to work together, putting peace and joy back in to our lives. We explore stillness, breath work, intuitive movement, strengthening techniques and play. Working with challenging the habits that you are comfortable with, whilst facilitating a space where you can feel completely whole and at ease in your own body. You'll be guided through an explorative practice learning the tools to create a safe space of healing with or without my guidance.


 I offer a mixture of movement classes to suit the bespoke needs of an individual. From healing slow, still and intuitive to playful and activating. My learnings have drawn from the teachings of yin yoga, hatha, mindful intuitive movement, tantra, vinyasa, ashtanga, yogasana, mobility and meditation. Offering both 1-1 and group sessions, online and face to face. I have extensive knowledge on mindful healing, self help and yoga philosophy that is echoed throughout my teachings. 


I have been practicing yoga since I was 16 and continue on this healing journey bringing a desire to live each moment more presently, more consciously and compassionately than the last. Meeting myself again and again, surrendering to the unknown and endless possibilities that life has to teach. Showing up in grace and trust that we are exactly where we need to be. 

Your potential is limitless, when we shrink ourselves captivated by fear and worry, we forget that we are whole just as we are. Find a practice that speaks to you and hone your craft daily, the world asks nothing more than for you to speak your soul and fulfil your unique place on this earth.

Breath Work & Meditation

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Stillness and rest is an integral part of our being that most of us have forgotten how to do. We've embodied a 'doing' culture where we are constantly looking towards the next thing, forgetting that our life is right here in this moment. We've created anxiety, fear and guilt around resting and nurturing our higher self. To come back home to yourself, we focus our attention on the breath, brining our awareness to the present moment, watching the narrative of the mind from a witnessing perspective. In these sessions, you will learn a variety of different breath techniques for different purposes. You'll be guided through a meditation that will help you feel at ease to start creating a safe space for yourself at home or wherever you go. Observe the narrative of the mind watch it wriggle and pause, chatter and melt away, breaking down the fictional stories that we create, to unveil our truth; a universal joy connected to everyone and everything, our true nature; our blissful being.

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