I absolutely love my sessions with Rosie. I struggle to motivate myself but Rosie keeps me motivated and keeps me wanting to come back to time & time again. After only three weeks I’ve seen huge increase in strength in both my mind & body, it’s a completely different skill which takes persistence, and I also feel so much calmer and more connected with myself. I love her guided meditations, I feel more relaxed, and especially with breathing techniques they really help with my anxiety. I love her classes so much I have partnered up with her to teach all my PT clients, who also love her sessions. So if you’re reading this and you’re still wondering whether or not to try coaching or yoga with Rosie, don’t hesitate, get a session booked.


Rosie is a caring, sweet and incredibly kind guide. She puts 100% into every session she leads. She teaches super inspiring exercises, always giving lots of options for all levels, guiding students calmly though the more challenging moments. Rosie is a fountain of knowledge in all aspects of self development. She draws in all aspects of yoga, really making it an all round practise. Her sessions usually end in a reading that she's written, and my god does she pour her heart into them, sharing her more vulnerable side with her students. She is a wonderful teacher, has a beautiful soul and is an all round top lady to learn from and be around.


An incredible teacher. Her classes & sessions are beautifully put together; challenging and empowering with the perfect balance of physical and mental focus.


You feel safe and uplifted during Rosie's presence. She leaves you with something to think about, incorporates relatable topics while giving great guidance and wisdom throughout. A superb teacher


The one thing I love about Rosie’s guidance is that she understands the delicate balance between the different aspects of yoga and life. I always leave her sessions feeling refreshed and like I’ve achieved something. Would recommend to anyone