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Starting 7th November 2022

A 4-week programme to help you move through challenging transitions, get out of heartbreak and re-connect to you, your purpose, evolution, to step into the alignment that is waiting for you.


Week 1

Present You

What are you struggling to let go of? How has heartbreak affected me? What have I understood about myself?



Week 2

Releasing Trauma

Re-aligning with the new you, understanding attachment theory and setting boundaries.



Week 3

Building Resilience & Honesty

How do you love and want to be loved? Understanding your love language, keeping your heart open, and actionable steps to your higher self desires. â€‹



Week 4

Choosing your highest self

Awakening your true desires & becoming turned on by life

Breaking through the barriers to manifest your dreams, create deeper intimacy & embrace your pleasure, playfulness and unapologetic authenticity.



WHEN: we begin November 7th

LENGTH: 4 weeks

CALLS: 60-90 min group coaching calls via zoom + group voxer

HOW MUCH: Your full course is just £333!


Only 10 spaces available as I want to create a juicy intimate container.


This is my lowest current investment to work with me, as I want to make it super accessible for all to join and experience deeper connection, intimacy and big shifts.




I’m now a qualified Nutritional therapist, I start a new job at Optibac probiotics tomorrow, I’m moving to Bristol next month, I have my own car finally. Rosie’s sessions helped me to manifest all of this and honestly I can’t believe whats happening- thank you ❤️


I came into this experience so out of touch with myself and feeling the most anxious and confused I’ve been in years. I was able to work through so much of my internal turmoil through this retreat and have gained a whole new level of self- understanding. I can’t wait to go out into the world with these new tools and share them with the people I love


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